Tuesday, November 9, 2010

TV. What's that?

First of all, TV??? WHAT?!!!?! Who has time for that?

I watch The Breakfast Show on KFVS-12 in the morning while I am getting ready. And I watch a lot of things like NCIS at Ronnie's each evening. There must be a 24-hour CSI/NCIS channel, because dad can ALWAYS find an episode on!

There are 2 shows that I DVR and try to watch at some point during the week.


Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE LOVE LOVE musical theater. This show embodies everything I think life should be - I mean, honestly, who wouldn't love a life where you and all of your friends spontaneously break into song complete with 4+ parts harmony???!!!!???

I also love The Big Bang Theory! I think I love it because it reminds me of so many people that I know. It is certainly one of my favorite TV shows.

Other shows I love to watch when I can catch them:
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

American Pickers


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