Monday, November 8, 2010

30 Day Catch Up - A Recent Photo AND The Town I Live In

A recent photo I took:

So, Crystal and Kate decided that I needed to try on this crazy dress! And while I'm certain that someone would think this was THE dress, I just felt like I needed to be hung from the ceiling to light the room.
My attempt to take a pic of the "chandelier dress"

A better view - Thanks Debbie!

The town I live in...hmm, well I technically don't live in a town. I live about 1.5 miles from town. It's a little town in Southern IL called Olmsted. SMALL. REALLY SMALL! I lived in town until I was in college. Our house burnt and we moved to 'the country'. Olmsted is about 20 miles from the very southern tip of the state (Cairo - where the rivers meet...that's where I teach). Olmsted had a bank, a restaurant, a library, a post office and a Fill-Up Mart (small gas station). It is also were they are building a new Lock and Dam. They've been working on it for years. I lost track of where they are at or how much longer before it's complete, but its apparently a pretty big deal.

Olmsted has one main road that leads to 2 hills that meet at the bottom. One hill takes you by a park. The other hill is really steep and is good for sledding in the winter. I used to live "uptown" very close to the Ohio River. Since we've moved out of town, things seem to have changed quite a lot, but it's still a quiet little town with the appeal of any 'small town America'.


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