Thursday, September 6, 2012

DIY Make-up Brush Cleaner

I was really wanting to purchase a bottle of quick change make-up brush cleaner until I saw the price. You are supposed to be able to use it in between deep cleanings and even in between colors - like eye shadow.

So, I made my own and I LOVE it!

DIY Quick Change Make-up Brush Cleaner

- 1 C Water (I used filtered water. Distilled would work too.)
- 1/4 C Isopropal Alcohol
- 1 TBS detangler (I use a cheap kids detangler by Suave. It smells like strawberries. You could also use a leave-in conditioner.)
- 1/2 TBS shampoo (I use baby shampoo.)
- 1/2 TBS liquid laundry detergent

I mixed it all together and poured it in a spray bottle. It needs to be an 11-12oz bottle.

DIY Make-up Brush Deep Cleaning Solution
*This is a 2-step process. You can just use Step 2, but
Step 1
- 2 C Hot, Hot Water
- 2 TBS distilled, white vinegar
Soak your brushes for 20-30 minutes. I do mine in the bathroom sink because I have a LOT of brushes. I supposed you could use a cup or a bowl.

Drain the sink, rinse the brushes in hot water.

Step 2
- 2 C Hot Water
- 1 TBS shampoo (I use baby shampoo)
- 1 TBS detangler (I use the same Suave stuff as I do in the Quick Change recipe.)
Swirl the brushes around a bit. Allow them to soak 10-15 minutes. Rinse in hot water followed by cold water. Pat them dry with a towel and reshape the bristles. Allow to dry completely before using. I stand mine in a glass. You can also lay them on a towel.

NOTE: Mine take a few hours to dry, so I do this in the morning after I've applied my make-up.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Diving Deeper

Recently, we studied Malachi at church. Malachi is tough, but something I think all believers need to be reminded of. God doesn't want our leftovers - our trash. He wants the best that we have to offer and sometimes that isn't so easy. Perhaps that is why it's called sacrifice.  Just going through the motions doesn't get it either. God desires authentic worship - a heart connected to the motions. In Malachi He asked that they just stop sacrificing. He preferred nothing at all to the junk they were offering.

We can't be a light in a 'dark world', royal priests, if we aren't giving God our very best. We must pursue God - follow hard after Him, lean heavily on Him. God is not pleased with half-hearted worship - apathetic worship - yet He will still pursue His own and He longs for the day when they/we will return. However, He did get FED UP with them and I think He gets FED UP with us.

God begins to call them (the Israelite priests) back to be the priests they were originally called to be - individuals who hold the knowledge and truth about God - His ways, His character - so that they could wisely and soundly counsel others. Today, the body of Christ lacks a depth to our knowledge of God. We can't fulfill our 'priestly duties' if we don't know scripture, if we don't possess a deep knowledge and truth about God. We can't be a "moral and ethical compass" (love this Pastor Keith!) or impart wisdom or provide sound counsel to others if we aren't disciplined enough to study scripture. 

So as I'm diving deeper, I'm going to encourage you to do the same. Give God your best and work towards being the 'royal priest' He has called you to be.

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