Thursday, September 6, 2012

DIY Make-up Brush Cleaner

I was really wanting to purchase a bottle of quick change make-up brush cleaner until I saw the price. You are supposed to be able to use it in between deep cleanings and even in between colors - like eye shadow.

So, I made my own and I LOVE it!

DIY Quick Change Make-up Brush Cleaner

- 1 C Water (I used filtered water. Distilled would work too.)
- 1/4 C Isopropal Alcohol
- 1 TBS detangler (I use a cheap kids detangler by Suave. It smells like strawberries. You could also use a leave-in conditioner.)
- 1/2 TBS shampoo (I use baby shampoo.)
- 1/2 TBS liquid laundry detergent

I mixed it all together and poured it in a spray bottle. It needs to be an 11-12oz bottle.

DIY Make-up Brush Deep Cleaning Solution
*This is a 2-step process. You can just use Step 2, but
Step 1
- 2 C Hot, Hot Water
- 2 TBS distilled, white vinegar
Soak your brushes for 20-30 minutes. I do mine in the bathroom sink because I have a LOT of brushes. I supposed you could use a cup or a bowl.

Drain the sink, rinse the brushes in hot water.

Step 2
- 2 C Hot Water
- 1 TBS shampoo (I use baby shampoo)
- 1 TBS detangler (I use the same Suave stuff as I do in the Quick Change recipe.)
Swirl the brushes around a bit. Allow them to soak 10-15 minutes. Rinse in hot water followed by cold water. Pat them dry with a towel and reshape the bristles. Allow to dry completely before using. I stand mine in a glass. You can also lay them on a towel.

NOTE: Mine take a few hours to dry, so I do this in the morning after I've applied my make-up.


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