Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge - June 29, 2011

1. What makes you stand to your feet and cheer?
The National Anthem sang well with all of the correct words (Christina, I'm looking at you!).

2. What's your favorite patriotic song?
I am not a huge band person, but I really like John Phillip Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever".

3. Do you believe that opposites attract? If you have a significant other are you opposites?
Precious and I are most certainly opposites! It's kinda funny how things work out, though - we compliment each other really well. His strengths are my weaknesses and my strengths are his weaknesses. Yep, I do think that opposites attract in some areas, but I also think that life has to run a little more smoothly when you share the same belief systems regarding things like faith/religion. I mean, marriage is 2 becoming can't be at opposite ends of the spectrum on absolutely everything and technically be 'one', now can you?

4. You're going to get a behind the scenes look someplace...where would you like that someplace to be?
I am tempted to say Swamp People, but they FREAK ME OUT, so nevermind! I think I would like a behind the scenes look at Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

5. How far would you have to travel to ride a carousel (merry-go-round)?
St. Louis (about 2 1/2 hours) or I could wait until later this summer and ride at the fair (but that one is dinky). I honestly don't think that there is one any closer. We used to have one in our local mall but it has since been replaced with a jumpy, bungee thing (L.A.M.E.).

6. When was the last time you saw fireworks? What was the occasion? Do you enjoy fireworks?
We watch fireworks every 4th of July - it's my future sis-in-law's bday, so we party like rock stars all day (yeah right) then go and sit in the cemetery to watch the city fireworks display (yes, I said cemetery - don't judge - best seat in town and there are about 250 other people there with us - yes, I know its a little strange...ok, a LOT strange, but that's how we do it!)

7. Of all the 'beauty products' you own, what item do you consider to be the most overpriced?
Buxom Mascara ($18) and Sugar Lip Balm ($22.50). Perhaps I need to change my beauty regimen. Yea, I don't see that happening!

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Does anyone else hate preparing for a yard sale? I mean, I want to get rid of my crap, but I HATE sorting, I HATE pricing. Dear yard sale crap that I am selling - if you could sort and price yourself that would be great. Thanks, The Management.


Zoanna said...

You're the second blogger tonight who has said they watch fireworks in the cemetery. When you watch with 250 other people, are you referring to the living or the dead? LOL. And yes, I hate prepping for yard sales. I never make enough money on my crap because I'm too cheap to adverstise and because I man's crap is...another man's crap!

Joyce said...

Ha- I like Zoannas question : ) Good luck with your sale and happy 4th!

Sheena said...

She and I are usually together watching...and living people actually, but that's funny.

Mocha with Linda said...

Yeah for Stars & Stripes Forever! :-)

The comments about the cemetery cracked me up!

Amiee said...

When Roseanne Barr sang the anthem, it didn't make you stand to your feet and cheer? LOL ;)

When you mentioned the cemetery, I was thinking about all the kids running around, playing "tag" in between the tombstones. Ha!

I went to a yard sale where they basically heaped all the clothes on the table, but sorted them according to mens, womens, boys, or girls. All sizes lumped together. The sign on the table stated how much each thing was. 25 cents for each kids item, 50 cents for each adult. Simple and easy. And super cheap! I'm hesitant to do another yard sale though, because the last time, I only made $15. That was mainly from the cold drinks we were selling! All that work for nothing...

Nel said...

Yard Sales are a pain! Enjoyed all of your answers and the comments were fun too. lol. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. By the way I love your bouquet, beautiful! I grew up in a suburb of Chicago, remember driving thru Cairo all the time going to Arkansas. Small world! I will be back, I am your newest follower!
until next time... nel

Cathy said...

Yep, I hate doing the yard sale stuff too. I really need to, but not gonna happen this summer.

Angie said...

Agree with # 1!

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition would be fun! We have a friend who has applied. If they win, maybe we'll get to join in the work. That would be fun!

When you said you watched the fireworks from the cemetery and then about 250 other people are there, I thought, at first, you meant the dead people. Now that freaked me out! :)

Hate garage sales. Love Craig's list. Can do it a little bit at a time. People come by at my convenience, drop off cash, get rid of stuff. Love that!

Happy 4th!

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