Monday, June 6, 2011

I Lift My Hands

Some of my friends have been sharing this video on Facebook today and I am so glad they did. What a blessing! Thank you so much for sharing!

Sara RustThis is AMAZING! I spent 6 years in a house of prayer in Cairo, a run down town seen throughout this Chris Tomln video. This is what the Lord sings over you, Cairo - Let faith arise!! - Sara Rust

Kristy Tillman

All I can say is wow! Let faith arise! The town in the video is Cairo, IL - a place that I helped to start a House of Prayer in and lived and served for 7 years. God has a vision and destiny for you Cairo! I love that every time this video is watched there is a declaration going out over Cairo - "let faith arise"! God is so unfathomable in the way He works! - Kristy Tillman

Jessica McClureI had NO idea Chris Tomlin filmed a video in my beloved town of Cairo, IL. Every time this video is played, life and hope is being declared over this place. LOVE IT. - Jessica McClure

There is no way that Chris Tomlin could possibly know what God has been doing in Cairo or the prophecies that have been spoken about Cairo becoming a city of refuge. To the naked eye, Cairo looks hopeless and beyond repair, but God sees something so much more. To see THOSE words on the GEM marquee - I can't even begin to describe what I felt - BELIEVE - REFUGE - STRENGTH. God is so amazing and He is moving in Cairo! This video is like a declaration from God over Cairo. LET FAITH ARISE!


Jeff Frey said...

This is amazing i was watching this video and realized it was cairo, il. this is were my family roots are on my dads side. The frey's and the hodges. They have either moved away or passed on but the very few that stuck around i pray for. This video was a surprise and a blessing.

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