Bucket List

I compiled this list back in August of 2010. My sis-in-law has been marking things off of hers, so I'm stealing her idea!

1. Star on Broadway. (Amendment: Work with Tommy Kail for a day.)

2. Marry Ronnie (October 15, 2011)

3. Work full-time at my studio (I actually did this during the summer of 2011)

4. Go to France, Italy, and Ireland

5. Record an album with Crys and Kate where we actually have a name. (probably not going to happen at this point)

6. Own a pair of Jimmy Choos (or a pair of heels that doesn't make me think beauty is pain)

7. Lose 75lbs. and maintain it

8. Spend an extensive amount of time in Memphis at blues clubs

9. Go to cooking school

10. Own a house (October 2014)

11. Read a book in a day

12. Spend enough time in NYC that I can see every Broadway show worth seeing

13. Spend a day at St. Jude's

14. See Niagara Falls (June 2012)

15. Go to Africa

16. Learn to play cello well (GAVE UP - sold my cello)

17. Learn how to make guacamole. (September 2010 - thanks Jen!)

18. See an opera at The Metropolitan Opera

19. Invent something useful

20. Torture Ronnie for a whole day with my iPod and Broadway tunes!  (October 2015 - it wasn't torture, though. He listened to Hamilton and cried when it was over.)

21. Sing with a jazz combo

22. Become a great hostess (I'm working on this - I think it will be a process)

23. Find the "perfect" wedding dress (Wore it on October 15, 2011)

24. Re-do my website from scratch (I no longer have a website because I don't have my studio)

25. Grow an orchid.

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