Saturday, March 27, 2010

Renovation Project - Day 1 --- We Would Rather...

So, Kate and I spent the day together. She came to my studio and helped me get started on the work it's gonna take to get this thing up and running...thank God for people who are willing to help. Otherwise, it woudl NEVER happen!

This is the store front....gonna have to get those down. Anyone have a REALLY tall ladder?

This is the inside...

We made a mess trying to tear the shelves apart...

320 South Main Street. My beautiful mailbox that I hung myself (well, with Kate assisting...she is as smart as me when it comes to this stuff! HA!)

So, after Anna, we ended up going to Cape...thought it was a good reason as any to procrastinate and put off things that neither of us wanted to do. While we were eating we created the following list:

Things we would rather do that go to our church in the morning:
1. Get a root canal.
2. Walk barefoot across broken glass.
3. Have someone expose our real weights.
4. Listen to a Gilbert & Sullivan musical.
5. Eat octopus.
6. Work out with the real Jillian Michaels.
7. Learn to square dance in costume.
8. Go to a nude beach.
9. Drink a gallon of prune juice.
10. Sit in the front row of a German opera.
11. Listen to the Gaither's greatest hits -- on repeat.
12. Lick the floor of Wal-Mart's bathroom.
13. (kate) Clean her closet.
14. (sheena) Clean Kate's floor.

Friday, March 26, 2010


This is what I was I was listening to this morning...encouraging reminder for me. Hope it is for you, as well!



If You could send a burning bush to Moses
Lead Your people home through a parted sea
Give a boy the strength to defeat Goliath
I know You will always take care of me

With You on my side, I am victorious
With You on my side, I’ve got nothing to fear
So I can walk through this valley with confidence
Knowing You will deliver me

If You could raise the dead bones of Lazarus
If You could feed five-thousand with a couple fish and a loaf of bread
And in the middle of a stormy night You can walk on water
I know, I know, I know nothing’s out of Your hands

If You could pull me out of my sin
And give me new life within
And keep all Your promises
And Your Word is true then
I don’t have to be afraid
I know this is the day You made
So no matter what comes my way...

With You on my side, I am victorious
With You on my side, I’ve got nothing to fear
So I can walk through this valley with confidence
Knowing You will deliver me

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finally...My Website Lives!

So, THIS is what I have been working on this week. Feedback would be GREAT!

Versatile Vocalists

Monday, March 22, 2010

Going to sell....on Ebay, of course!

Kate, made me promise that I would post any PartyLite items before I sold them on Ebay. So, here is the first round. I will not post on Ebay until this coming weekend. Let me know if you are interested in anything. I AM willing to negotiate on some things.

Pumpkin Aroma Melts Warmer - P9459 (slightly used for show demonstrations)

Global Ambiance Hurricane - P9864 - NEW!

Global Fusion Lantern - P9238 - (slightly used for show demonstrations)

Global Fusion Barrell Jar Shade - NEW
w/tray - P9060
w/o tray - P90605

Shade ONLY

Global Fusion Multi-Votive Centerpiece - P9200 (Used - a couple of stones are missing from the outer rim of 2 of the votive cups...may be in box)

Classic Creations Set
Silver Satin Taper Holder - P8951
Faceted Votive Holder - P8791
Beige Shade Kit - P8794
for all three pieces

Beachwalk AromaMelts Warmer - P8168 (USED)

Island Escape Pineapple Snuffer & Tray - P8419 (USED-as you can see from the pic...wax. I will try to clean it if you like)

Ocean Blue Candlelight Votive Holder - P9049 (NEW)

Iced Crystal Pair - P9253 (NEW)

Solitare Tealight Holder - P9686 (NEW)

Quad Prism Small Pedestal - P7967 (NEW)

Optic Fusion Lantern - P8852 (NEW)

Terra Blossom Tealight Holder Pair - P8857 (NEW)

Hollywood Glamour AromaMelts Warmer - P8709 (USED)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Official Versatile Vocalists Studio

So much has happened since I last blogged...I am going to have to get better at this!

I had lasik. It is CRAZY! Best money I have ever spent, I do believe! After all, you only get one set of eyes and mine were complete crap!

I have just been really busy. It always amazes me exactly how many things I can find to fill my time and how many things still do not get done!

Ok, so for the REALLY exciting news:

I am finally opening my own voice studio! I will still teach through SCC (providing they get themselves together) and Cairo will still be my full-time job, but I will actually have space to teach students outside of SCC! I am totally pumped! I will try to post pics and update everyone on the process. Pass the word along. I am hoping to begin teaching in that space this summer. YAY!!!!

Here's the new logo:

What do you think?

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