Saturday, March 27, 2010

Renovation Project - Day 1 --- We Would Rather...

So, Kate and I spent the day together. She came to my studio and helped me get started on the work it's gonna take to get this thing up and running...thank God for people who are willing to help. Otherwise, it woudl NEVER happen!

This is the store front....gonna have to get those down. Anyone have a REALLY tall ladder?

This is the inside...

We made a mess trying to tear the shelves apart...

320 South Main Street. My beautiful mailbox that I hung myself (well, with Kate assisting...she is as smart as me when it comes to this stuff! HA!)

So, after Anna, we ended up going to Cape...thought it was a good reason as any to procrastinate and put off things that neither of us wanted to do. While we were eating we created the following list:

Things we would rather do that go to our church in the morning:
1. Get a root canal.
2. Walk barefoot across broken glass.
3. Have someone expose our real weights.
4. Listen to a Gilbert & Sullivan musical.
5. Eat octopus.
6. Work out with the real Jillian Michaels.
7. Learn to square dance in costume.
8. Go to a nude beach.
9. Drink a gallon of prune juice.
10. Sit in the front row of a German opera.
11. Listen to the Gaither's greatest hits -- on repeat.
12. Lick the floor of Wal-Mart's bathroom.
13. (kate) Clean her closet.
14. (sheena) Clean Kate's floor.


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