Saturday, April 3, 2010


So, Friday was "Menard's Day" for the studio. My dad decided that we would go and get everything and take it back to the studio. One problem: He failed to account for exactly how much stuff we were getting! We had one of his trailers and the back of his truck, but we still have to go back and pick up stuff because there wasn't enough room!

I wish that I would've had my camera because we ghetto-rigged the trailer to make it home. It was so loaded down that the fenders were starting to rub the wheels. My dad's solution? Tie straps...we already had 4 on the trailer, but he added 2 more - one running from each fender well to the back of the trailer and he tightened them so much that it pulled the fender away from the wheel. We had prayer...ALL THE WAY TO ANNA! It was SO ghetto! However, most of the supplies are there so it's time to get to work!

This week's agenda: demolition and painting (shelves, ceiling strips, frames). And I'm sure my dad has his own agenda...he wants the studio done. I'm still trying to decide if it's because he is excited for me or because he wants his life back. Just kidding.  He's acutally been volunteering. I haven't even really asked - except for help at Menards...that's is OVERWHELMING!

So, hopefully I will have some progress to report by week's end and next time, I'll remember my camera because I am really sad I missed that shot yesterday!


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