Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stress Relief

Sunday afternoon/evening was spent creating one big, fat mess! My not-so-little little brother and his friend Anthony joined my parents and I as we tore plaster off of the brick wall and removed all of the ceiling tiles. It seems that beating the tar out of plaster is great stress relief!

Dad worked on the bathroom...it needs ALOT of help! ICK!  See for yourself.

Behold the sink...

The toilet - bluh!

The ceiling...pretty, right?

and...the door that has a lock, but won't lock...because the door won't shut!!

I am SO glad that someone other than me thought that the bathroom needed help! I'm a girly-girl when it comes to stuff like that, but when my dad said, "That bathroom is gross!" it made me feel so much better...mostly because that meant that he also thought it needed to be fixed and then it became his first project!

Now, here is what I am most excited about:

And the ceiling tiles are down.

But we left quite the mess. However, that pile was cleaned up yesterday.

The rest of this week will be spent cleaning up plaster, sealing the brick and painting. And dad is taking off on Friday to fix the bathroom. Totally pumped about how everything is progressing. More to come soon....


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