Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Success - One Day At a Time

Yes, I have STILL been renovating - so much so that I haven't had a lot of time to blog (well, at least that's what I am blaming it on...truth probably is closer to the fact that I am a terrible blogger!).

So, the trash is gone thanks to Ben and Jason! How many bags does it take to hold a plaster wall? Apparently so many that the man who came to pick up the dumpster couldn't lift it. His wife called complaining that he had to get someone to help him unload it a little before he could empty it.

In my defense, I told her EXACTLY what I was planning to use the dumpster for. Shall I be held responsible because I made good on what I had said and because I hired to geniuses to pack it? I THINK NOT!

The brick wall is repaired and sealed.

Things are getting painted. Here's my cute table. It WAS olive green and not that pretty olive green, but that ugly, "OMG who thought this was a good idea?" color. I am also working on my bookshelf.

The bathroom is well on it's way to functional. It went from this...

(That is Melanie's bathroom...check out that beautiful wall! You would NOT believe the mess that we found in that corner of the building! Sheesh! Rotting floors, tin cans to patch the wall, a door covered with plaster, and some other unidentifiable metal garbage on the wall. Can we say HOT MESS?)

to this...

to this.

Dad thinks we will be operational by this weekend. Super pumped about having a functional bathroom since I have to pee so often!

Still have a LOT to do (as you can see from the supplies that are left.

Slowly but surely. AND we figure out how to operate the display lights last night! Success - one day at a time!


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