Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge - July 6, 2011

1. What is the most useful book in your house?
My Nook has proven pretty useful - it has a lot of books. Does that count as 1 book? I also have 3 household books that I really like:
Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook
Real Simple: The Organized Home
Real Simple: 869 Uses for Old Things

2. What's worse-being too hot or too cold?
Too hot. I can keep putting on layers if I'm cold but if I'm hot I can shed everything, be indecent and STILL be hot! Just sayin'!

3. Share something that made you smile this past weekend.
Future SIL's bday was on the 4th. We got her a gift certificate but I also made her a casserole carrying dish from a tutorial she had sent me about a month ago and she was really excited about it. (Note: I am NOT a sew-er, but I'm trying to get better). It made me smile to know that she enjoyed it that much! Plus we had a fabulous day! I haven't laughed that much in a LONG time!

4. How do you like your hamburgers? Or don't you?
I don't like mustard! I would rather have it with cheese and perhaps mayo and pickles.

5. What's your summer beach read? If its not summer in your part of the world then tell us what book you're reading while curled yo in front of the fire sipping cocoa.
Right now I'm reading The Fitting Room by Kelly Minter.

6. How was your birthday celebrated when you were a kid?
We almost always had a party (always cake - usually made by my mom to my specifications) and after we got a pool I sometimes got a pool party if it was warm enough (My birthday is May 15.).

7. What is something that is totally uncool that you love anyway?
I *heart* Bon Jovi! Sick, I know, but I still love him!

8. So, I have a lot of family coming to stay at my house tonight. They are all going on a 2 week motorcycle trip out west...yes, the word crazy has come up quite a few times. My mom and dad did it a couple of years ago, but now half of my dad's family are attempting this together. Pray, people, pray!

Thought-Provoking Thursday Questions
Come back tomorrow and link up.

1. Do you think crying is a sign of weakness of strength?
2. What sustains you on a daily basis?
3. What do you do to relieve stress?


SusanD said...

Thanks for the tip on the books. Do you like "The Fitting Room?"

I recently returned from my 2nd annual girls' motorcycle trip. I'll be posting pictures soon and telling about the adventure. Praying for their safe travels.

Blessings, SusanD

CrysHouse said...

Every time I hear "Livin' on a Prayer" I think of you.

Amiee said...

I need to read the book on 869 uses for old things. They couldn't think of one more thing to make it an even number? LOL ;)

Cathy said...

Great answers. Yep we agree on #2.

Joyce said...

Jon Bon Jovi is aging well : ) He went to highschool with my next door neighbor which truly is cool! Plus, I live in NJ and I'm pretty sure its against the law in this state not to be a fan.

Lauri said...

Bon Jovi is sooo cool.
I think that is awesome that your parents are going on a motorcycle journey.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by yesterday. It was a wild day so I am late getting back to you.. I love Bon Jovi also.. He is that best.. Have a great day..

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