Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thought Provoking Thursday - July 21, 2011

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1. WHAT do you love?
I LOVE cookies. A LOT!
I LOVE eating (mostly sweets). I eat when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I'm stressed, when I'm relaxed, when I'm with a group of people, when I'm by myself, when I'm....well, you get the picture.
I LOVE cool weather (although it seems to be MIA).
I LOVE the color green.
I LOVE cooking (guess that's good since I like to eat - or maybe not).
I LOVE spending time with my Precious - he's not feeling the love - says I'm getting on his nerves (not his last nerve just his nerves).
I LOVE the fact that a little girl at church thinks I'm "awesome".
I LOVE my new phone.
I LOVE my wedding dress.
I LOVE my family and Precious' family.

2. What makes you uncomfortable?
-Unruly children in public make me uncomfortable. It really makes me think twice about having children myself. Some people say it's because they lack discipline and others say its because they're kids. Its the 'its because they're kids' part that bothers me because I'm pretty sure I would institute some serious spankings right there in front of God and everybody - they'll put me in jail and the rest is history. I'm labeled a bad mother all because I was attempting to discipline my children because they were 'just being kids'. Such a dilemma.
-Being left alone with someone I barely know and can't seem to find anything in common with. Awkward silence makes me uncomfortable.
-Church people make me uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong - I go to church and I love people at my church, but there are far too many people who are worried about their own agendas and it makes church really uncomfortable for me. And sometimes church people can just be downright rude and mean. Also uncomfortable.
-I thought I was finished with this question, but I just saw and advertisement for a new show on Lifetime called Dance Moms. IT made me uncomfortable!

3. What do you think about when you lie awake in bed?
You mean at 4AM which is when my body insists on being awake? My thought process is a little something like this: (looking at the clock) UGH! Not again. Might as well go pee. (I go pee and lay back down) Ok, back to sleep. Hmm...I have 2 more invitations I need to send out - gotta get those addresses and I have to get that PowerPoint done. My foot itches. (looking at the clock again - 4:07) If I go back to sleep now, I can still sleep for almost 2 1/2 hours before I have to get up and exercise. Oh how I HATE to exercise. Do I hate exercise more than I hate being fat? I think I might - especially at 6:30 in the morning. GO TO SLEEP. GO TO SLEEP. (insert prayers for everyone I can think of - at least something good is coming from my 4AM insomnia!).

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Stacy Lynn said...

Loved visiting your blog. You have a warped way of looking at things that tickles me. :) I'm following you now.

Thanks, by the way, for visiting me earlier.

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