Monday, June 6, 2011

Prayer Monday - June 6, 2011

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Girls, it's been quite the week and I have another one just like it approaching. God has answered prayers though. I don't want to ever fail to honor Him with the praise that is due Him. I am thankful for my family and for Precious' family. Of all the things I treasure on this earth, I treasure them the most.

Please pray for my family this week. My granny passed away on Saturday. My mom, who has Stage 3 breast cancer, has a doctor's appointment on Tuesday afternoon, visitation Tuesday evening, funeral on Wednesday and chemotherapy on Thursday.  WOAH! It's gonna be a long week, ladies. My family could use a little extra strength from Jesus.

I am also starting Bridal Bootcamp. Oh, how I loathe exercising and I have a love affair with food, but I am not at a healthy weight and I want to change that. My body does NOT respond to diet and exercise like a normal person's body. I don't know what the deal is and I don't even care. I'm asking God to change that. Period. So, pray that I can remain faithful and press on even when the results aren't always there - that I would be able to deal with this stronghold I seem to have where food is concerned. I. LOVE. TO. EAT.

Also, Precious and I are not sure what we're supposed to be doing. I don't have a job after this week ends. He is still in school until next May. We are getting married in October and have no idea where or how we are going to live. WOAH! Please pray that God would grant us discernment and open doors. We want to be walking in His will.


CrysHouse said...

I have prayed so much for your heart lately. I'm believing for you :)

ktjane said...

I believe that God is doing great things in all of the situations that surround you! He will be glorified and He has been and still is You Strength and Deliverer!

Armanda said...

Sheena I am praying for your family right now and that God will make clear the direction He wants you to take.

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