Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh Weekend, How I Long For You

Day 3 - My Weekend Plans

This week, several of the students in my studio are performing in Seussical, The Musical at Shawnee College. So, Ronnie and I have tickets for the Friday evening performance. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product that these guys have worked so hard on.

Saturday, I'm going wedding dress shopping with Crystal, Kate, my mom, Ronnie's mom and Aunt Sandy! WOOT!
Saturday evening, I plan to stop by Monarch Studios in Cobden for a Trunk Show.

Sunday is our church's annual Veteran's Day program. It's always spectacular and I'm really looking forward to it, as well.

That pretty much sums up my entire weekend...don't think I'll have time for much more!


ktjane said...

Look at you, being all bloggy. I'm impressed!

Sheena said...

Its only day 3...don't get too excited.

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