Saturday, August 18, 2012

Random Thoughts

98 Degrees? Back together? What? Why? I saw a brief clip of them on the Today Show and I'm confused. Anyone else disturbed?

Unicorn+Pegasus=Pegicorn (at least according to my hubby who also says it is not can have a unicorn and you can have a pegasus, but never the twain shall meet). However, I did a little research and he is SO wrong. It is called a Unipeg and here is proof:
I knew he was wrong because I had a My Little Pony when I was a kid that looked like this:

Dear 'lady who has the prosthetic leg',
No it is NOT ok for you to WALK in the middle of the turn lane even if you are turning. That leg is not a car and you are still a pedestrian. USE THE CROSSWALK!
Worried Your Going to Die in Traffic

No, I am not ok with walking 10 miles last week, 12 miles this week and gaining 2 lbs!  I'm seriously considering Medifast!


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