Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Allow Me to Introduce You

Hubby and I joined a gym. God help us! I had been for an official tour. He had not. So, he went last night while I was teaching. When I came home, he was pretty sure LeBron was in the gym. I told him he should've thrown up deuces and said, "what up?".  In my world (which is totally fictional), LeBron and I are tight. Hubby 'thinks' he saw my homie, so I want to make certain they have been properly introduced. Next time he won't 'think' it was LeBron...he will know!

Hubby, THIS is LeBron:
He's pretty tall.

He has a really big smile...

and sometimes wears crazy glasses.

LeBron, this is Ronnie:
He's shorter than you by at least 6 inches. You probably won't see him on the floor with a ball in his hands (he's more of a pool guy). I'm sorry he didn't introduce himself. He was trying to respect your space. The next time you see this guy walk through, please introduce yourself so he's certain it's you next time.

PS-Feel free to stop by our crib anytime while you're home.


Katie said...

I am so sad that Ronnie didn't run over and immediately Tweet a picture from Instagram of him and his new bestie...no, wait...that's what I would do!

Rebecca Louise. said...

Hilarious, this is brilliant! Keep us posted on your gym journey!

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