Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pantry & Spice Rack Overhaul

I decided to update a few things this week - mainly the pantry (which is a closet with a metro shelf in it) because I was tired of things falling through the shelves and not sitting evenly. I went and bought a liner from Bed, Bath & Beyond. It's called LifeLiner and it's fantastic. I chose LifeLiner because it was a little thicker than the others I looked at.

I don't have a before pic, but here's an after:
That space beside the mixer houses our Cuisinart Griddler (which was being used to make waffles this morning).

I also made vinyl labels for my OXO Pop storage containers:

They looked so good that I decided to redo my spice rack. I have the Pampered Chef Turn About spice rack. Love it. However, the spice jars that I originally bought after we were married didn't fit side-by-side very well on the bottom row (the lids were too wide). I went and purchased a few different ones so that I could alternate on the bottom row.

Here's the before (This was actually when we first moved in - you can't really see what the bottom row problem looked like here, but trust me, it was annoying):

Here's the after:

And because I have a few more spices than space on the rack...


CrysHouse said...

That looks awesome! I'm going to look at that liner for the shelves in my pantry. It would help for my spice shelf.

Sheena said...

The liner is awesome. There were several there including one by Real Simple, but I'm really glad I chose this one.

WhisperingWriter said...

Nice! I really need to organize better.

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