Wednesday, September 14, 2011

House Hunting - Day 2

So, we started off our morning at Blake's Cafe & Cupcakery. It's a "mom and pop" joint in Green, OH. They have breakfast sandwiches and wraps, muffins, scones, and cupcakes...cupcakes for breakfast, people! I had a scone. Precious had a banana and an "Elvis Cupcake" (peanut butter, bananas and it had bacon crumb toppings). He loved it. Totally going back tomorrow.

One of the ladies there gave us some info on a house. We went and looked at it, then we checked with a local realtor. Not a lot of luck. We talked a little and decided to go back to #1 from yesterday's post. We applied and waited. We went to lunch and drove around to check out the area. We found Chick-fil-A - YUM! We found a store called Mustard Seed Market. It's a lot like the co-op in Carbondale, but cheaper and with a LOT more selection. So, leasing agent from Summit Rise Apartments calls us to tell us we were approved and our credit was so good that we didn't have to pay a security deposit (woot!). Next step? Get her a money order or cashier's check for the 1st month's rent - that's what it would take to hold the apartment.


Went to bank down the street - "We're sorry, you don't have an account here. Can't help you. Go to ACME (which is a grocery store - kinda like Schnuck's)"

Go to ACME - "We're sorry, we only accept cash (which Precious and I don't have - didn't really care to take that much cash with us...hello!"

Call Discover - Nice Discover man helps me find a place to get a cash advance.

Go to place to get a cash advance (nationally recognized financial establishment). They are running a special (one that only takes place 2 days a year) where if you open a checking account you get $100 deposited into your new account. (NOTE: Precious and I had already planned to open a joint checking account this week.) So, we opened our account AND got a money order. Took FOREVER.

Lady from Summit Rise calls because she thinks we skipped town.

Go back to Summit Rise and paid for our first month. Tenant isn't supposed to move out until the end of September, but could possibly vacate early. Please pray she vacates early. There is a 5 day turn around after she leaves. Precious starts September 26th and we really don't want to have to pay for a hotel room for 2 weeks. Currently we can move in October 7th. EEK!

That's all for now. Maybe I'll think of more to tell you later. Right now? We're off to have dinner with Precious' new boss and his wife! Adios!


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