Thursday, September 8, 2011

Here It Comes....

Momma Update
Praise, Praise, and more PRAISE...Hey, did I mention that I have a little praaaaaaiiiiiisssse? Because I do! My mom got some really great news today. And while I don't feel at liberty to share ALL of the details, just know that it's REALLY awesome, God-intervening in the midst of cancer news. Here's what I CAN tell you: after today's treatment, we HAD BEEN looking at 12 more treatments, 1 each week for 12 weeks beginning Sept. 29. NOW we are looking at 3 more treatments, 1 time every 3 weeks beginning Sept. 29 AND 2 of the 3 lymph nodes can't even be felt and the other has shrunk by at least 60% already. The lump has also decreased SIGNIFICANTLY! WOOHOO!!!!

Moving Update
The schedule:
Tomorrow - Sub at AJ
Saturday - help mom at the house (it's her sleepy day - 2nd day after chemo, she sleeps for like 24 hours), finish packing at house, finish packing at studio, finish mom's scrapbook project (hopefully)
Sunday - Sunday School (last one as teachers *insert pout*), church service, lunch and BRIDAL SHOWER!
Monday - Fly to Ohio - Pray to Jesus for a nice place to live
Tuesday-Friday - Repeat Monday and fly back home (only I hope that we have found a place because when we come back, we need to load up and haul everything to Akron)

I plan to take pics while we're searching...we may need a little help deciding. Stay tuned.


ktjane said...

Thrilled at the good news! And excited to officially kick off your wedding season!

CrysHouse said...

Glad to hear the update from your mom. I talked to her earlier this week and she sounded in good spirits.

And oh...just wait for the wedding hoopla. Just wait :)

Rebecca Louise. said...

Amazing news to end you week! Aweseom awesome!

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