Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yes, I Think I DO Need One of These

You have to see this: Red Door Abode: Serve Me Up!

She took this:
and turned it into this:
And yes, those are wine bottles on the bottom...there are slots for them so they don't roll honest-to-goodness wine rack.

What's in the drawers?

So glad you asked.

stemless glasses, napkins, bottle opener...

Yes, I think I DO need one of these!


ktjane said...

I see what you are saying. What I'm hearing is you say it's okay to put a wine rack in my bedroom. ha!

Sheena said...

That's exactly what i was saying!

Tara said...

I think I need one too!!

CaseyRhea said...

can we somehow get me a version of this for beer? mmmmm beer!

Sheena said...

Casey!!!! Where have you been?

And YES, I think I could figure it out.

CaseyRhea said...

I don't really know - I got a new ward this week, perhaps that was it

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