Sunday, March 6, 2011

Prayer Monday


1. New women in Bible Study - so exciting!

2. My friends and family really are a God-send - so thankful for them.

Prayer Requests
1.  My Precious

2. Cairo School District.

3. Please pray that I would be more disciplined both physically and spiritually - that my body would cooperate with my physical discipline efforts and that my mind and spirit would cooperate with my spiritual discipline efforts.

4. That I would be a good steward of what God gives me.

4. I have a request for which I can't give details. God knows what it is, so please just pray that His will is accomplished in this situation.

My Prayer
Oh God, I am so excited to see what this week brings. Thank You for all that You are and who I am in You. Accomplish Your will and purpose in each request that is brought before You through Prayer Monday. Help us to really focus our eyes this week to only see what is You and to not be distracted by the rest.


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