Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Why?" or "What Now?"

I told you in my last post that there was a reason that I need to move my rear. While I would like to lose weight, that is NOT the reason. Let's be honest - I really loathe formal exercise and I think the people who say it makes them feel better are full of it. There is nothing about sweating profusely that makes me feel good (not while said sweating is taking place, nor later). Big burst of energy? It's garbage!

Exactly one month after our wedding, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). MS is thought to be an autoimmune disease. It affects the Central Nervous System (CNS). MS is unpredictable. It can produce many different symptoms and the disease's progress, severity, and symptoms vary from person to person. Basically, the body's immune system attacks and damages myelin on the nerves. No one knows what causes it and there are no cures. When an attack/episode occurs, lesions develop somewhere in the CNS. The location and severity of the lesions determines the symptoms.

Back in 2005 I had an attack, but at the time they wouldn't clinically diagnose you until a 2nd episode/attack. I was led to believe that I may never have a 2nd episode because it may have just been a one time thing that mimicked MS. They called it a Clinically Isolated Episode. The good news is that I went 6 years (without medication) without having a 2nd attack. In the world of MS, this is good.

However, I have been told to "move". I should exercise because it will help with the fatigue that MS causes (who knew there was a reason I was tired all the frickin' time?!) and because it will keep my body from becoming stiff and not being able to move. So, ZUMBA it is! At least it's kinda fun (I'm trying to convince myself here. The last time I went and lady quit 40 minutes in! Packed up and L.E.F.T. The truth is, I thought I might die!).

There are 4 courses of MS. I currently have remitting/relapsing MS. It is the least severe form. Basically this means that I will have down time between attacks. It was 6 years this time. I will be starting a medication regimen this month and that is supposed to keep things at bay. I have chosen the medication Avonex to try.

I will be posting more on this disease, as well as my struggles, frustrations, and accomplishments. Chronic illnesses are often overlooked and it is my hope that someone will stumble upon these posts and find the encouragement that they need to just keep keep living - REALLY LIVING!

Instead of asking God "'Why?" I am choosing to ask "What now?". I figure God has a purpose in all of this and I just need to figure out what it is.


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