Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Midweek Confessions-January 18

- I want a J.O.B. - no, seriously, I know that I am 'lucky', 'blessed', 'insert your own word here' to get to stay home but I really want to work! So much so that I am thinking about subbing. I really want something more permanent, but something a few days a week would be better than nothing at all.

- I am so glad that it's going to snow again! It was almost 60 neOhio! What? That is just crazy and I want snow, dang it!

- I like cooking.

- I really need to get on my e-bay selling, but I HATE selling on e-bay. It's such a pain in my rear! However, I'm going to work on a few pieces at a time. That should make it more bearable, right? (Who am I kidding? It's still gonna suck!) Oh well. I may get my guest bathtub cleared out (since that's where all of that stuff that needs to go on e-bay is residing).

- I NEED to find a storage unit and start moving stuff from the guest room! I keep putting it off because...well, I'm procrastinating! I dread taking 15 loads because I only have my car to it in.

-I am excited about today. I get to start a new study at church in the morning - meet some new women AND I get to go to worship team practice tomorrow night AND it is snowing! Hooray!


E said...

Oh, the grass is always greener isn't it? Good luck on your job hunt - I strongly recommend subbing. And, I'm SO jealous you are getting snow!

Katie said...

Subbing is such an adventure... makes you stay on your toes for sure! But the nice part don't have to take anything home in the evenings!

Sometimes once you get an 'in' at a school, they will consider you for long-term sub jobs, especially if you are good...and those can lead to full-time positions. Good luck! :)

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