Monday, January 16, 2012

Socks with Bows

So, Hubby doesn't like being called Poop Head when he is...well, a Poop Head (Joyful Noise is waiting to be seen but alas, here we sit - not watching Joyful Noise). So, I shall come up with a less offensive name for the next offense.

Today I sewed bows on socks.

I know. I know. What am I? 5? I need 'boot socks'. None of my socks are tall enough and I really didn't want to buy new socks so I just stole a pair of Ronnie's. This was apparently a problem because there is a sock shortage (totally not true - he has adequate sockage!) So, we went to Target and bought a 3-pack with the understanding that I simply need one pair of socks.  One. Uno. l'un. Ein. Moja (if you speak Swahili). However, when doing laundry, how would I know which pair was mine?

You see where I'm going with this.

You love it, don't you?  You are jealous that you don't have a pair of men's socks with bows on them, right? 


CrysHouse said...

Bahaha. Chris stole my Nike socks. When he puts them on, he swears I shrunk them in the wash. He never assumes that his big feet were never meant to fit a women's size 8.

I like poop head. Perfectly appropriate, though I'm feeling sympathetic toward him since he's getting ready to start the Kite Runner...

Sheena said...

He's not telling the sympathy needed. It's still on the shelf.

CaseyRhea said...

while I love this idea, I'm not going to be surprised when your next post has Ronnie wearing the bow socks! Love you Ronnie!!! lol!! (no need to wish ill will on me ... I already stabbed myself in the forehead with my fingernail in my sleep... I look like a child missed when punching me in the eye... or, right now because I'm awake at a sickening hour... like I got into a squabble with a stoner over the last joint)

Sheena said...


Gah! It's in his bag. I'm not convinced he's reading it, but he's at least making an effort so that it appears like he is.

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