Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Week in Review

For someone who doesn't have an actual job, I sure can find ways to waste spend my time. Precious (who from henceforth will be referred to as Hubby or his real name, Ronnie - because it's too stressful (ha) for me to to continue try to keep his name out of the massive spotlight of my ever-so-popular blog - or Poop Head if he's made me mad) was gone on a business trip this week. Well, Monday-Thursday. I didn't have to cook. I only had one load of laundry to do. That's a LOT of time, people!

Monday I went to Zumba, showered, had lunch and a friend came over (the first person to come to our apartment since we've lived here!) and we went to see We Bought a Zoo.  Poop Head won't go to feel-good movies (and if he does he sits and tells you what is going to happen and pretty much makes fun...which is why he's a Poop Head!). It was a great movie! The end.

Then I had a migraine from the deep, dark pits of Hades, so I took a nap in a dark room. I taught voice and I went shopping for screws to hang the shelves in our spare bedroom/craft room. I came home and started drilling holes and leveling and all of that stuff you're supposed to do when hanging shelves. However, my drill bit wasn't long enough to go into the stud. Grrrr.

Tuesday, I went and bought a new drill bit from my friend Erin at Sears. (Why Sears? Because Erin works there and I had already made a fool of myself Monday night at Lowe's when shopping for screws!)  Then I came home and I hung shelves! Woot!

I also went through boxes in the living room trying to decide which pictures to hang and I rearranged boxes in the spare bedroom/craft room while I was sorting my scrapbook stuff because it makes me feel better. (A storage shed or a garage would make me feel a LOT better!) I went to get my hair cut. That's right. I finally found someone and I will totally go back. Finding a new hairdresser is scary business!

Not the greatest pic but you can see the bangs and a little of the layering.

I went to this little cafe that's on the way to church to eat dinner. When I got back in my car it wouldn't start.

This is where life gets interesting. Hubby is out of town. I am by myself at a place that I could barely describe where it is to anyone and my car refuses to start. So, I tried this cool party trick that once worked (per Uncle Jason because I couldn't remember how the cool party trick worked), but it still didn't work. I went back in the cafe (30 minutes later) and asked if anyone had jumper cables. The owner fussed at me for sitting outside the entire time. I began to explain the cool party trick thing, but decided against it. Thankfully (and this was totally a God thing!) a man who owns an automotive business was dining there. He gave me a jump and I made it to The Root where I was meeting a friend. We had a great time and I am so grateful that she's my new friend.

Then I get ready to leave.

Car won't start.


I get a guy from church to give me a jump and I promptly drive to the nearest AutoZone to purchase a battery. Even if it's close to closing time, if you play the poor, dumb woman card, the AutoZone guy will take pity, check your battery, replace your battery and even tell you to have a good night.

I went to worship team practice for the first time this week. It was nice to see the way they function as their own 'small group' of sorts. They have devotion time. They pray. They have a good time. They worship. It isn't 'the girls', but they love Jesus and they love me and I think I'll hang out with them some more. I'm getting my feet wet and trying to figure out what God would have me do and where and when He would have me it. The problem is I don't have a GPS to direct me. I feel a little lost most days as I try to develop a new normal.

I watched 2 Redbox movies, Moneyball and Sarah's Key. Moneyball was good. Brad Pitt is pretty and it was a good story. Sarah's Key was different from the book, but still good. I know. Great reviews, eh? Makes you wanna run out and find the nearest Redbox, right?

Thursday, we found mold in our spare bedroom closet.

Pretty isn't it? We reported it. We cleaned it. They know what's causing it, but it started snowing so it hasn't been fixed yet. It snowed Thursday night and Friday. I LOVE snow! Here are some pics from Friday.


The good thing about snow in Northeast Ohio? They clear the roads! Even secondary roads.

Friday night was a little eventful. Ronnie and I watched Another Earth. 3 Redbox movies in one week? What is going on here?

Today we went and finished up the crap with the Ohio BMV. Five Bagillion dollars later we have our Driver's License, Ohio Titles, and License Plates.

Then we went to see Mission Impossible 4. Hubby owes me a shoulder and back rub because that movie made me tense!

Now I'm working on my Etsy Shop. Which banner do you like best?


CrysHouse said...

I like the pink and green banner.

And I LOVE your hair!

ktjane said...

Pink owls!

Armanda said...

I'm not a big pink fan but I do like the pink and green banner best.

DRhymer said...

Pink owls all the way! :)

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