Monday, April 4, 2011

Prayer Monday - April 4, 2011

~I'm not really freaking out about the job thing. Perhaps I should be, but I don't feel the need just yet and for that I'm thankful.
~A great weekend get away was very refreshing.
~Even though I don't know what God is doing, I know He's doing something so I don't have to worry about it.

Prayer Requests
~My Uncle Roger - there were apparently some issues yesterday so please pray for his health and that God would intervene and give he and my aunt peace and strength
~My little brother. Please pray that God will have His way in lil bro's life - no matter what it takes that God will get his attention
~My Precious
~Frustrated with the food/exercise/losing weight/being healthy bit. Pray that God would give me strength, focus, and the will power to do what I need to do. Period.
~Please pray that God will give me wisdom and guidance as I make decisions regarding the future

Father, I praise You for being all-knowing and all-powerful. I thank You for Your faithfulness in the past and I thank You in advance because I know that You are going to continue to be faithful in all of the requests that are being lifted up to You this week by those joining Prayer Monday. I pray that You would meet the needs of the requests in Your way and in Your time - I confess that in my constant state of impatience my time and Your time are rarely the same, but I trust that You know what's best. So, come Lord and do Your work here this week.



Expats Again said...

I've taken note of your prayer requests and will offer them up to His ear. Glad to know you are waiting in faith.

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