Sunday, April 3, 2011


My Precious and I went to St. Louis. We visited his lil bro and went to a Regional Barista Competition where our friend Joe Marrocco was competing. I just found out that he won! YAY! He will be competing at the Nationals in Houston. Exciting, right?

So, St. Louis...
Friday night we ate at Lotawata. Oh my...the good! Fried Banana Pudding. YUM! (Casey is going to figure out how to make it.)

Timmy's Dinner

My Dinner

Ronnie's Dinner


Heaven - Fried Banana Pudding
Saturday we had breakfast with lil bro at IHOP, attended the barista competition, went to Kaldi's in Clayton for more coffee (we may have a problem), and shopped at The Loop (although I don't think either of us bought anything...perhaps we walked and looked at The Loop would be more accurate). We had a good time and it really was nice to just get away.


CaseyRhea said...

I need to know what the inside of that thing is like. Was it jello pudding kind of pudding? I think I know how to accomplish it - it may take a few attempts, though.

Sheena said...

It was actual banana pudding...banana slices, vanilla wafers...battered in what tasted like funnel cake and topped with a tub of whipped cream and a jar of caramel sauce.

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