Monday, April 11, 2011

Prayer Monday - April 11, 2011

Ok, so my morning started with me cracking an egg and it going all over the counter rather than in the bowl...that sort of explains how my entire week has been. Nothing really going 'right' - whatever that means. Many things just feel 'off'. Perhaps because I'm tired or perhaps because I'm just frustrated in general, but I really would like for things to resume to a 'not-so-off' state.

My Requests:
~ My Uncle had to go back to Vanderbilt this week. Parts of his body are rejecting the stem cells - his lungs, his skin - they're introducing new treatment. Please pray that it works. And please pray for my aunt. I know that she's exhausted and incredibly frustrated.

~ Please pray that God will help Precious and I navigate the unknown. We're currently just trying to be still and know that HE is God, but I was not blessed with patience so being still is difficult for me. Pray that God will strengthen our faith and reveal Himself in ways we could never imagine and that we would be able to focus on where, when and how we are supposed to be serving.

~ My dad has some health issues and we're possibly looking at spinal fusion surgery. Please pray for him and his doctors.

~ Lil bro is still running hard and fast from God. Please keep praying. I totally believe that God is moving and is pursuing him, but lil bro can be a bit stubborn (he might get that from me...just sayin').

God, I need help focusing on You and Your purposes in this life. Everything feels 'off' and messy and I don't like it...mostly because I feel like it's partly this way because I'm not focusing on YOU the way that I should. As each woman who participates here goes through this week, I pray for each to have a servant's heart and to be able to focus on their purposes for this season in their lives. I pray that You would then equip each of us for the service You have called us to and for the journeys we are on. God grant us strength to get through each day and peace to endure those things that would typically 'rattle our cages'. God, You are good and I pray for nothing less than Your best for each of these women.



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