Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dear Parents

Dear Parents of talented and not-so-talented kids:

So, you think your kid could be a star? Maybe. There are a few things you should consider:

Your child is NOT the greatest.

Everything your child does is NOT fantastic.

There will ALWAYS be someone better...a better singer, a better actor, a better dancer.

Please encourage your kids to do their best, but stop encouraging them to be snots. What's that? You're not encouraging them to be snots? Umm...yes. Yes, you are. Every single time you voice your over-rated opinion about how terrible someone else is and how great they are and how they weren't given a fair shake, you're encouraging them to be snots. Stop it. Just stop it!

Here's a little secret about conducting auditions: IT SUCKS! After years of conducting auditions for community theater, I've learned that you rarely make anyone happy. My job in that instance is not to make you happy. My job is to cast a show for the script and score that has been given to me. There are always people who aren't happy with the outcome - not because they were involved in the process, not because they've spoken with someone who could tell them WHY certain decisions were made, but because they didn't get their way. I'm looking for talented kids, who are easy going and are willing to make the most of whatever is thrown at that really just want to have fun and hopefully learn something in the process. Some kids are SUPER talented, but have arrogance issues. Some are semi-talented, but are good kids (I will take these kids any day of the week!). Some aren't very talented, but they have parents who have told them that they are, so they're super heart-broken (and snotty) when they don't get a lead...and while we're on the subject:

EVERYONE CAN'T PORTRAY THE PRINCIPAL CHARACTER! Duh! Every story is full of characters. Principal characters, Secondary characters, bit parts. Sometimes there are people in a play or musical who never say a word! WHAT? Doesn't that mean they shouldn't be there? No. What kind of story would there be if it was only a story about the principal characters? For those of you who encourage your kids to quit because they didn't get the 'part they wanted' - SHAME ON YOU! Teach them to make the most of every situation (and role!).

When getting a role makes a difference in whether or not the rent gets paid or if someone lives or dies, then you can get upset. Until then - CALM DOWN! People are starting to think you're a little crazy!


CrysHouse said...

I actually always liked playing the second fiddle. There was generally a lot more room for entertainment (a la Smee).

Bev said...

Go Sheena! That goes for a LOT of other things in life..... Not everyone is always a winner in the way society sees winners! But much can be learned by being a team player no matter what you are doing. :)

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