Monday, October 15, 2012

1 Year and Counting

Today is our anniversary. We have officially survived one year of marriage. It hasn't really felt like survival, though. I've heard a lot of people talk about how difficult the first year of marriage is. Ours was not and I'm grateful. There are several things that probably contributed to this. We dated for a very long time (over 8 years) which means we both knew what we were getting ourselves into - there were no delusions. We already knew what drove us crazy about the other one and decided we could cope (you're delusional if you think you're going to change that stuff!). We learned during our dating life that we had to communicate with each other (and use a GPS - another story for another day). People communicate in different ways - which can often be attributed to how they grew up, but we figured it out BEFORE we got married. It also helps if you really like the person - you'll spend a lot of time together. The most important element, though...God. He has to be front and center. Period.

Ronnie, you are my best friend and a wonderful husband. You love me with a depth that could only come from your love for God and your desire to serve Him even through our marriage. You cherish me. You lead with integrity and you provide with love. I am seriously blessed to call you my husband. Happy Anniversary - I love you!


CrysHouse said...

One year of missing you all intensely, but grateful to have you as my family.

Rebecca Louise. said...

Many congratulations Sheena (and to your hubby too!)

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