Thursday, August 11, 2011

Me and My Boring (Yet Busy) Life

School is starting. I'm not. It's strange. The school where I was teaching cut their music program at the end of the last school year, so I am not returning to work this year. It's weird. As far as finding plenty to do - no worries there. 

I am still teaching at my studio, but this coming week I switch to Fall schedule, so I won't work during the day. I have plenty of other things to do, though.  I have been trying to refinish a sideboard that I intend for Precious and I to use for a TV stand in our currently non-existent living room. So far, it's mostly sanded (well, about 1/2 to 3/4 - that's mostly, right?). I fully intended to work on it this morning, but I received a call from the wedding coordinator at our reception venue, so I opted to go meet with her instead. SO glad I did. She helped me to iron out minor details that were really bugging me. 

Precious and I had lunch at a place that we call Dora's (it's a little Mexican joint that used to be ran by a lady named Dora - now her kids run it and the name is actually Cerro de la Silla). We ran a few errands and I went home to try to clean and pack up a few things. EPIC FAIL! I need boxes. I have too much crap! I am refusing to clean anything else until I have boxes and can pack. It just seems stupid to take stuff of shelves to dust and clean, put it back up, only to take it back off to pack as soon as I get boxes. So, not cleaning until I pack.

This is kinda random and unrelated, but I have also been on the search for lip gloss. Please tell me I am not the only person who has WAY more make-up than I need. In my defense, I DO use it most of it, but I most certainly have my favorites. However, lip products are different. I go through phases. Sometimes I want a little color. Sometimes I just want a clear gloss or plumper like Lip Venom, but right now I need something wedding appropriate. I was looking for something that looks pretty natural with a little sheen. So, I found my perfect wedding lip gloss. 

I LOVE Buxom, but I never could find color that I was in love with. Thanks to the nice lady at Sephora who put up with me trying 15 different things, I found a Buxom color called SUGAR. It's a sheer gloss that's kind of a rosy terracotta. Super excited. Here's a photo I found showing different sheer colors:
BE, Bare Escentuals, Buxom Lips, swatches, Sugar, Dolly, Brandi, Ginger, Sandy, Eva, Betty, Lana, Krystal, Dominique, Dani, Zena

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment about these dreadful headaches that I can' seem to get rid of and THEN....THEN mom and I get to go see my wedding dress. 1st fitting. So pumped!


Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Oh, what exciting times! And, I totally understand the lipgloss dilemma but I like your choice. Sure hope you get some relief from your headaches, that's not fun. Blessings on this special time in your life!

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