Sunday, August 7, 2011

An Interview and a Suit

Precious has a 2nd interview with a prospective employer. We are excited, scared, emotions are all over the place. This is a BIG deal for us. It would require a BIG move (him before the wedding and me afterwards). We have prayed over this situation and it just seems like this is the direction God is leading, so we are preparing for whatever He has in store for us - taking life one day at a time.

I have to be honest, though, I had to have my "kid in the cereal aisle fit". You know what I'm talking about. Anytime something comes that I am not expecting, I have to have my spoiled rotten kid moment except mine ends up looking nasty like a kid in the cereal aisle who isn't getting the cereal that they want. Sad. I know. Don't judge me!

So, Precious had an interview a few weeks ago via Skype. It went well. I was really feeling like the move was a very good possibility. We waited for a call. It never came. I finally encouraged Precious to email and we are so glad he did. They had apparently been trying to contact him (or HR was supposed to have contacted him). Either way, contact was made and the 2nd interview will take place a little over a week from now. The company is paying all expenses for the interview. Everything just seems to be falling into place.

Yesterday we went shopping for a suit. Hopefully I can get him to put it on for a photo op before he goes. He looks super dapper in it! Somehow the suit just makes it more official. We are trusting God to continue opening doors that need to be opened and close the ones that need to be closed. Please pray for us as we approach this new chapter of our life together. A new job (a LONG way from home), a wedding, a's a lot, but we want God's will and if He says "GO" then we will go.


Armanda said...

I am praying for you both!! I know how scary it is to do more than one major life change at once. When we got married I had just started a new job two weeks prior. It can be done with the help of God and your sanity still, for the most part, in place. Love you both!

Amiee said...

My husband started a brand new job a month before we got married. It was scary, but exciting at the same time. Praying for you! Sometimes, we all act like *those* kids in the cereal aisle ;)

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