Monday, August 22, 2011

Boxes....Oh The Boxes

So, today the packing began.

I packed a little at the house (pictures and my Willow Tree angel collection).

I packed stuff at the studio.

Studio packing made me a lot more sad than house packing. Perhaps that's because I was still half asleep while I was packing at the house and was too tired to think about it. Regardless, packing up the studio is hard. HARD. However, I have to keep believing that God has something as good, if not better for me in Akron. Still, it's hard to leave something behind that I've worked so hard for. And my students...I can't even think about it without crying. I have some really great students. I am going to miss them and the time that I get to spend with them each week.

Precious packed too. He boxed up quite a lot of much so that I've had to stay away from the packing area. I was close to having an anxiety attack just looking at it.

Pray for us, people.

And I apologize now for upcoming blog content. It may involve a lot about packing and moving and enough mixed emotions that you may begin to think that I have a personality disorder.


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