Saturday, November 3, 2012


Let's begin with:
I haven't been to the gym this week.

And let's follow that with:
I haven't started on my Bible study for Wednesday.

What have I done? 

spent time with a girl I'm currently mentoring

taught voice lessons

went to see what was wrong with Ronnie's car (the front suspension is currently being held together by  God - I was under there and I can verify that God's hand is holding it together - and stop freaking's getting fixed on Tuesday)

helped a college student from our church with Math

went to Bible study

met a friend for coffee (she's been gone for a while - I'm super glad she's back!)

grocery shopped



dinner, dinner, dinner - we have to eat

found 2 pairs of jeans (paid $22 total - that was work!)

taught another voice lesson that required ME to practice - stupid arias!

rehearsed music for church

Worship team rehearsal

talked to my mom and brother on the phone

talked to several friends via text

spent time with the hubby - we have fun together and laugh a lot!

I may have failed at the gym endeavors this week, but I've done several things worthwhile this week.

Other confessions:
I missed not having Tuesday night community this week.

I'm looking forward to going to the gym this coming week.

Hey, maybe I AM turning over a new leaf.


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