Monday, November 19, 2012

MS Annoyances - Keeping You Informed

So, one of the most frustrating things about MS is not knowing if things you are experiencing are related to the MS or not. This disease affects so many things (and probably has for years - I just didn't know it was the MS). Hubby thinks the frequency of my trips to the bathroom are directly related to the amount of liquid I consume. The truth is, he's probably correct.  However, the sudden urgency that is experienced right before one of those trips becomes necessary is on the level of an 80 year old with bladder control problems. That is the MS.

The most recent battle/annoyance? Headaches. Like, let me stay in bed, turn off all the lights and take so much ibuprofen and naprosyn that my liver screams at me for the damage it is suffering in the process. After about a month and realizing that is how the last episode began, I decided to call my neurologist. Apparently, the weather not being able to pick a season has been causing annoyances for lots of MS patients. (Sometimes it's just nice to know you aren't a lone crazy person in the boat.)

I am now taking an oral steroid taper (which is more pleasant than the IV steroids - which make me behave as though I'm bi-polar AND on crack). It is helping with the headaches - I'm actually getting out of bed and turning on lights. It makes me anxious, hot, and not be able to get a full night's sleep. (I'll take little sleep over migraine, though.) However, I wouldn't complain about a full night's sleep (or a massage, for that matter).


Bev said...

Wish you were here. I could help with the massage!
Love you guys!

Sheena said...

That would be lovely! :-)

CrysHouse said...

Jake will totally take patients at Thanksgiving. It'll be AWESOME!

Sheena said...

I keep trying to talk him into coming and living with us. :-)

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