Friday, November 30, 2012

Let's Review

Thanksgiving was delightful! Getting to be with our families was THE BEST! We all took pictures of what we were thankful of for.

I made a new friend. So adorable (and she LOVES My Little Ponies!)

There was a gender reveal party for Navajo

It's a boy!!!!!
He shall be called Ryan Christopher.

Then we came home and it went downhill.

On Cyber Monday (while Cyber shopping), I rolled my ankle, there was a loud pop, pain and lots of colors. Talented. Yes, I am.
Here's Tuesday:

and Thursday:

Hubby and I both felt puny earlier this week, but we're on the mend. I fed him chicken noodle soup - that's what a good wife is supposed to do, right? It worked. 

Here's to hoping things continue looking up. Happy Friday. Have a great weekend!


CrysHouse said...

That ankle looks rough!

Love the pictures :) You got some good ones.

Katie said...

Your ankle looks bad! Even Cyber Shopping isn't safe!

Andyour first picture is one of the funniest ever! That is just awesome!

Anonymous said...

Ouch!! I hope your ankle heals quickly ={

Very cute pictures!

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