Friday, October 28, 2011

Where you find out that I DON'T have it together!

For those of you who think that I have myself together and prefer to keep believing that - stop reading...or look at the first set of pictures and THEN stop reading. It's really in your best interest if you don't want your view of organized me shattered into itty bitty pieces.

Here's the kitchen (well, one side of it - if I showed you the other side, you could see the massive boxes in our living room and I'm not going to do that to you, but use your imagination...there is a dishwasher, sink, and a counter space with a coffee pot - which you will see in a minute. I figured out how to take a picture of it without showing you the mess!):

I ended up purchasing the 14-piece Rachael Ray set because it was on sale and cheaper than any of the 10 piece sets. I LOVE this set. 

Silverware drawer - I've already discovered that I need more spoons. Anyone else use WAY too many spoons?

The dishes all fit nicely into one cabinet since I added the Real Simple shelf. I like it because it's solid - many were wire and the cups wouldn't sit on there straight.

I have tried uploading this picture 2 times and it keeps rotating it, so turn your computer sideways!

Pan racks. Love. Them. And yes, those ARE waffle plates for our Cuisinart Griddler!

Our hodgepodge of glasses!

Ok, so let's talk about this cluttered mess and why it's ok...spice rack is from Pampered Chef. It spins and I found bottles at BB&B that fit, so I can buy my own spices in bulk at The Mustard Seed or EarthFare (Think Neighborhood Co-op). Check out the top rack.

Utensils. Middle bucket is metal untensils - don't use on the pans! Right side is plastic. Left side is silicone. 

Behold - COFFEE!

Bowl organization - love things that nest.

And my apron storage:

Master Bathroom:

Master Bedroom:

My new make-up table! So exciting!

Remember this?

Ok folks, that's all for now...well, that's all if you want to keep believing that I have my crap together.

This is your final warning. The next set of pictures are NOT pretty!

It's mostly for my new friend, Hannah. She and her new husband married the same day that we did. These are so that she knows she isn't alone in this newlywed, stay home and unpack garbage.

However, I DID make progress today. I'll post more pics this coming week.

This is the hallway - just enough room to walk. We have to shut the bedroom door so that I can't see it or I wouldn't be able to sleep.

This week I've learned that my husband is a bit of a paper hoarder. I have an office supply, clothes, shoe, and purse problem, but let's focus on him, shall we? This was in the middle of my trying to sort through the MASSIVE amounts of paper. I shredded so much last night that the paper shredder was finally like, "umm, yea, so I'm gonna stop working now because I am exhausted - try me again tomorrow!"

Oh, the disgrace!

This is the spare bedroom - the spare bathroom is equally bad. Ok, it's worse! So bad I refuse to even take a picture of it! 

For those of you who didn't heed the warning - DON'T BLAME ME!


CaseyRhea said...

Sheena, you kill me! even your mess is organized! When I get my show, you're going to be my professional organizer! lol

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