Sunday, October 30, 2011

An Adventure and An Office Supply Problem

Saturday, we didn't really have any plans, so we opened an envelope. WHAT? An envelope. Yes. Those things that you lick and seal and sometimes send in the mail. Ok, since you're really confused, let me explain...

For a wedding present we received a gift from the Best Man and his wife that contained colored envelopes. The directions said to open an envelope when were were lacking something to do and to follow the directions. And they gave us a Visa gift card to pay for our adventures. Saturday we opened the YELLOW envelope. It told us to go to Nervous Dog Coffee Bar. Umm. Coffee? Yes. I think so.

Here's proof that we did as instructed:

While we were on our adventure, we saw THIS. I know. It's SO awesome. I want one! I'm not sure what I would do with it, but isn't it fun?!!?

And then we came home and made dinner - spaghetti and salad. Yes, it was yummy. I don't fix un-yummy food.

Office Supplies! Office Supplies!

Now for the office supply portion of this post...this past week on Facebook, we had a discussion about office supply hoarding issues. I promised a blog post in hopes that my admitting my problem will be the first step in the "healing process" of this addiction. In the meantime, if you need office supplies, I'm your girl!

I had to move stuff around in the note pad drawer just so you could see everything.

Yep, it's a problem - but it doesn't stop with note pads and post-its. Here's the writing utensil drawer:

And the Sharpies (which go in the writing utensils drawer):

Let's see. What else? Oh yea, CDs and cases (which I use for lessons, so don't judge this drawer - it's a tax write off).

And the binder clips, paper clips, rubber bands, push pins, etc.

Anyone else have this problem? Tara. Kate. Anyone? :-)

Happy weekend - back to unpacking tomorrow for me. What are you doing this week?


CrysHouse said...

I have an unnatural obsession with pens and pencils. Like, if I'm feeling bad, I buy pencils or pens. It's sick, really.

AndreaLeigh said...

what a great wedding gift idea.

i have a slight post it hoarding problem...

sitbackandrelax2 said...

what a great wedding gift idea.

Office Chairs

Tara said...

I have some of the same notepads you do! I don't have that many Sharpies, but I totally SHOULD!! I definitely have as many office supplies as you do, just different varieties. Oh, I also buy little plastic boxes to put my office supplies in. I don't know how I missed this post before!

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