Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So, yesterday Precious and I had what I'm deeming "Honeymoon Day". He went back to work this morning, so we made the most of the one day we had...boy did we have an adventure!

We decided to go to Cleveland. We ate at Melt (we ate there once before - it is SO yummy!). We were going to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. However, when we got there, tickets were $22 per person. We aborted that mission and decided to save that for when someone comes to visit and wants to go. It was a bummer though because they are doing a Women in Rock display.

Then we decided to try to go see Jerry Siegel's house - or Joel Schuester's house (it's one of those guys who created Superman). He grew up in Cleveland and they renovated the house not too long ago. Someone lives in it, so you basically just have to drive by - it isn't open to the public, but with Precious being the Superman fan that he is, he wanted to see it. However, as we drove it became very clear that we weren't in Kansas anymore.

Ok, so let me start with the fact that I am not typically bothered by the ghetto. I find myself so comfortable the majority of the time that it's a little uncomfortable for those who are with me. White girls should be uncomfortable in the ghetto, right? Well, yesterday I was! Perhaps that's because we weren't just in the ghetto - we were in the GH-EH-EH-EH-TO!

You know that you're in the GH-EH-EH-EH-TO when you pass no less than 20 churches and watch drug deals go down on the street in broad daylight. I kid you not - I watched 3 exchanges in about a 10 block span. I'm pretty sure that even the mailman was afraid to be there. If I were him, I'd expedite the process by tossing their mail in the middle of the street and saying, "Here it is! Come and get it!" Then I would get in my mail truck and leave.

When we drove by the Superman house, it was vitally important that we did not STOP. We didn't even get a picture people. We kept driving for fear that we might be the victims of a drive-by. Precious and I decided that the GPS needed a "get us out of the ghetto as quick as possible" button.

We survived. We came back to "Kansas" and did a little shopping, then came home.

Today's agenda: unpacking, returns, shopping, and a coffee shop date with my hubby!


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