Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Did you know there is a National Day of pretty much everything in the universe? February 23 happens to be National Inconvenience Yourself Day...when was the last time you were inconvenienced?

I am tempted to say every single day that I have to go to work I am inconvenienced by having to get out of bed. I am sometimes inconvenienced by having to go to Wal-Mart for the 5th time in a week. I am really working on trying to see every moment as an opportunity for something more, but I feel really inconvenienced when City Hall, the Post Office and other government agencies close before I can get sucks to have to take off work to run errands at these places.

2. When a room in your house needs painting who does the job?

umm...haven't had this problem yet. I don't like to paint, but I can, so probably Precious and I because I'm certainly not doing it alone!

3. Are you friends with your cousins?

Yep. I am closest to my cousin Shawn, though.

4. Do you use an alarm clock? If yes-is it an actual alarm, music, or something else?

For the last 2 weeks I have been too lazy to dig my ipod out of my purse to put on the iHome clock, so it's been a nice "eh, eh, eh, eh" sound, but I would prefer music.

5. What do you put ketchup on?

French Fries, sometimes, but I'm really just a plain kind of girl.
6. What smells make you nostalgic?

Cookies baking in the oven. My granny used to bake cookies and I LOVED helping her! The smell sort of makes me long to have a few of those days back.

7. Have you heard about the high school English teacher recently suspended as a result of some things she wrote in her personal blog? You can read the story here but in a nutshell she vented a lot of frustration onto her blog. She didn't mention individual students by name but she did make some harsh comments about kids in general and their parents.

What are your thoughts-If you're a parent is your child's teacher online and are you 'friend' or 'follower' there? If you're a teacher are you on facebook and do you accept or friend students on fb? How about their parents? If you're a student are you friends with your current or former teachers online? Do any of them have blogs you read? If you're a teacher or a parent do you ever use your blog as a place to vent your frustrations with our educational system? So much to discuss...

WOW! This is a lot. I am a teacher. I teach music is a public school. I also own my own voice studio where I teach privately. I don't accept student or parent FB requests from my public school students. My voice studio students and parents, however, I do add. I have vented some frustrations on my blog regarding issues at school. This seems absurd to me, but I know it happens.

My favorite thing from the article? Things she wishes she could put on student evaluations: "I hear the trash company is hiring"; "I called out sick a couple of days just to avoid your son"; and "Just as bad as his sibling. Don't you know how to raise kids?"

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Why is it that weekends take so long to come around and then go by so fast? It's only Wednesday and I want it to be Saturday so badly, but when Saturday gets here, I'll blink my eyes and Monday will be here again. NOT FAIR!


April said...

There's no telling what all I could buy with all the money I spend at Wal-Mart because I go there so often! Enjoyed your answers...have a super day!

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