Friday, February 25, 2011

Low Tolerance - Filter Broken

Today is one of "those days". You know the kind of day I am talking about - the days where almost everything makes you crazy and it's a really short trip. This day cannot be over soon enough.  Days like today are good birth control. I don't believe the "when you have your own it will be different" garbage. The only way it will be different is I can actually punish my own children where the public school system ties your hands to a point where you have very few options. Even our In-School Suspension teacher called in sick today and since no one wants to sub here, those students are in class. Yippee Skippee.

Good news today? Our Superintendent resigned last night. Good news for everyone else - I think he's "retiring" so no one else will have to endure what Cairo School District has on his watch. That is most certainly an answer to prayer.

Tonight, My Precious and I are going to celebrate his dad's bday. Happy Birthday, Dad!


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