Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Meridian dismissed at 10AM.
Century dismissed at 11AM or 11:30AM
Egyptian dismissed at 11AM or 11:30AM

Anna, Vienna, Cobden and EVERY OTHER SCHOOL in So. IL dismissed by noon.

Cairo gets 4" - the most on the totals map and we're told to enjoy the view from inside because we aren't dismissing. The roads were so bad that it took me almost an hour to drive what normally takes 20-25 minutes when we finally dismissed at 1PM!!!!!!!!!!  I am pretty sure that someone other than our Superintendent made the decision to call it off, though. You see, he's from Chicago and seems to think that we have the same man power and snow removal equipment that they do in Chi-town! Rest assured...NOT THE CASE. He's lived commuted here for 4 friggin' years. You would think that he would know this by now.

Today I was told that he locked himself in his office and refused to take phone calls or visitors. He was upset because someone "went over his head" on Monday to keep the buses off the road. Power trip? It sure sounds that way. I didn't call his office, so I can't tell you for certain what was happening, but I can tell you that we had kids on buses and kids walking on roads unfit for travel all because someone didn't do their job! Bravo, CSD Administration. Way to care about the safety of your students and staff.


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