Friday, February 4, 2011

A Birthday Celebration and Musical Chairs

Ronnie turns 33 tomorrow. (He will be older than me for 3 months and 10 days! Ha!) He and I are celebrating tonight...going to dinner and doing a little shopping. His brother is coming home this weekend so I think we are having a 'family' celebration of sorts on Saturday night. (Hey Crystal...I'm keeping my phone on. Just call when you get tired of wedding festivities and I'll let you know where we are...use the bday 'party' as a way of getting out early!)

They say we are getting a little snow tonight. I like snow, but I would like it more if it would come during the week and dump enough to get me out of school for a day or 10! My kids are NUTS right now! They can't go outside to run off the energy because it's too flippin' cold. Yesterday, in my 5th grade class we opted for a game of musical chairs. Just let me say that I was NOT prepared for their energy level. It was an intense round of musical chairs. Their desks are set up in a 'U' shape, so we just turned chairs around to face outward and added and extra row on the empty side. Each time instead of taking a chair out, we turned in to face inward. It was really fun when there were only 2 chairs left...on opposite sides of the room. They were jogging around the room. When the music stopped, one of the boys jumped a desk to the center or the room, ran and slid across another desk and into the empty chair. Can we say parkour? It was awesome! The 5th grade teacher was grateful because they needed to use up some of their energy, but apparently the 1st grade class below us was having a difficult time concentrating. Oops!


Rebecca Louise. said...

I LOVE snow but not lots of it! Otherwise I get cabin fever. Happy birthday to Ronnie!

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