Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ready and waiting

I know. I know. I did SO well for a month and then no blogs for a week! What is that all about?

Well, it seems that December is just too busy. Anyone else feeling this way???? Christmas shopping, decorating, getting ready for Christmas break at school and at the studio...I just don't know where time is going these days. It most certainly isn't because I've been sleeping more.

What have I done this past week? Well, other than the normal, everyday stuff, I've celebrated a birthday for my friend Amber, went with Crys and Chris to get a water heater for their new house and have dinner (and found out that the new Altell commercial - reindeer sweater couple - was filmed at Longbranch Cafe in C'dale), I finished my Christmas project for the studio (gifts for my students). I'm sure there was more, but I am currently too tired to figure out what it was.

I promise that I will blog more in about a week when I finally get a break from everything.


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