Friday, December 10, 2010

This week in Cairo...

So, its been a pretty crappy and frustrating week in Cairo. Satan is stupid!

1. There was a car wreck last weekend that involved a Cairo police officer and 3 kids from Cairo. The cop was on his way to a call-lights and siren-but the kid driving didn't yield. 2 of the kids were seriously injured (I was told paralyzed).

2. 3 students/former students (17, 18, and 19) were arrested on armed robbery charges. And 1 of them is suspected in the arson of the city's chinese restaurant that left the owner and his family without their business and their home.

3. 2 former students (18 and 19) were arrested on murder charges.

4. I found out that 1 former student has HIV.

I am most certainly ready for the weekend...I know that God wants better for this city than what I have seen this week. Please pray.

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