Friday, July 2, 2010

Sucky Blogger...Open House

Oh good grief! I stink at keeping up with this blog thing. Hopefully, I will learn from Kate and Crystal and become better sooner or later.

So, Open House for my Voice Studio was Tuesday night. If you haven't read Kate's blog of the event, check it out. It was a great evening. There were quite a few people who showed up. I was able to see some of my former students and some long-time friends that I hadn't see in quite some time. I was also able to make a few new friends.

I feel very blessed to have this opportunity. I LOVE to teach voice! I feel like this is what I was born to do. This studio was just the icing on an already delicious cake.

So, here are a list of presents I got that night....WOO HOO...PRESENTS!

1. A beautiful clip board and pen from Julie...LOVE her!

2. And it came with this gorgeous bow, which now hangs on my memo board

3. Kate got me a cool zebra box...not sure what I'm gonna put in it yet, but I'll figure it out!
4. Ronnie bought me this beautiful Willow Tree Angel. Her name is Irish Charm.
5. Aunt Sandy found an oh-so-perfect green vase! And the yellow flowers really stand out against all of my green.

6. Sarah and Megan came bearing this beautiful plant! Kate and Ronnie are taking bets on how long it takes the poor thing to die, but I've made my mom promise not to even look at it! I really DON'T have a black thumb!
7.  Crystal gave me this frame (which matches my light switch plates)...and a gift certificate to Hobby Lobby with which I purchase the other 2 items.
8. And my mom bought me this beautiful clock (don't can get your own at Bed, Bath, & Beyond!)

It was a good night. My studio was full of life. It is, after all, the most awesome place on Main Street! Holla!


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