Friday, June 25, 2010

An Ordinary Day?

What started out to be a otherwise ordinary day turned out to be...well, not so ordinary.

Crystal and I decided to get pedicures and I desperately needed a manicure (in hopes of keeping it nice until Open House on Tuesday). So, I pick her up and she has this:

What a friend!!!...start out the day with a cool present. I am not exactly sure what it says when you're friends see Wonder Woman and Hello Kitty and think of you (and you're 32!). I wish I looked like Wonder Woman (but that's another story completely!)

So, off to get pedicures (and me a manicure). There were 3 little boys there - children of the owners, I'm assuming - 10, 6, and 4 (we asked!). They were watching Avatar - The Last Air Bender on Nickelodeon. It was awesome to just watch kids be kids. So, often, I deal with kids who are forced to be grown-ups, so it was fun to watch them interact and play fight with each other (when their parents' backs were turned). A nice reminder of what child-like looks like...

So, the finished product??

Now, let's see if we can keep them like this for a few days...I am hoping that I can keep them nice at least until Tuesday night.

So, we come out of the nail salon to a ticket on my windshield. It seems that we forgot to feed the meter. In C'dale, that's a HUGE no-no. Oh well! So, instead of getting back out the car, we drove to the mall (and I still forgot to get it off). At the mall, we witnessed 5 teenagers cramming themselves into one of those hurricane thingys. Crystal has a pic. It was amazingly funny! Crystal whipped the camera out of her purse and took a picture, then realized that they were some of her students! Too funny!

We went to B&N (Ronnie was working). We took the ticket off of my car finally and met a man named Paul Tabor who attends Landmark in Carbondale. He was a pretty amazing guy and had a fabulous story of God's healing him of Stage 3 Liver Cancer! What a Mighty God! He and his wife are getting ready to celebrate 50 years. Congrats to them!
We had dinner with Ronnie at Houlihan' unexpected treat considering he was working. Crystal and I stopped at Staples to feed our Office Supply addictions. My purchase was a beautiful notebook, pencils and a refill for my ink pen.

What started out to be a otherwise ordinary day turned out to be...well, not so ordinary and I'm more that ok with that!


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