Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh, how I LOVE to shop!

So, I promised to blog about my most recent purchases. Some are MUST HAVES!

This is the Vera Bradly Metropolitan in Night and Day. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bag! It's going to be my new bag for work. It has a place for my laptop and a TON of pockets! Did I mention that I LOVE this bag??? Because I do!

The Container Store a/k/a Heaven - I LOVE organization and this store makes it easy! I bought this new shoe tree. I am so tired of digging in the bottom of my closet looking for a mate to the other shoe. My closet is VERY small (more like a coat closet). Not ideal, but you have to work with what you've got, right?

This thing is amazing! I found shoes that were lost in the bottom of my closet and I forgot that I had! I am wearing a pair today. I suppose if I don't see something, it simply doesn't exist in my mind...you would think that I would remember every shoe and handbag I own. Apparently not. However, I can now find all of my shoes...check this out! 

I also bought a scarf holder. I tried the plastic shower curtain rings on a regular hanger, but they kept sliding from one end to the other every time I opened the stupid door. This is much better...I kept the rings, but this is a MUST HAVE if you own several scarves. ($10) 

Another great purchase was this tie rack. While I do NOT have ties, I have a ton of necklaces that end up in a tangled mess in my current jewelry box. This is a great solution for your necklaces. ($10) 

For my studio, I have purchased a couple of new items lately. I am hoping my friend Julie will agree to help me out by using this as a centerpiece for a wreath! 
It's in a lovely frame now. It's an actual 5th Anniversary Playbill. Notice that they changed the Playbill background to green for this special night! I <3 Wicked!!! If Julie agrees to the project, I'll post pics of the finished product!

I also purchased these 2 new songbooks: 

So, one of my students asked me to find a song for her. I knew nothing of these ladies, but as I was researching, I found out that they had written several other HILARIOUS songs like Taylor, the Latte Boy and Alto's Lament. I can't wait to dig into these and find out what's there!

CUPCAKES! Oh how I have wanted cupcakes for like a week, so I finally broke down and make some and they are delish....

You're going to have to make some now too, aren't you???


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MMmmmmmm. Cupcake.

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